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Deaf Education:  How to become a teacher of the deaf

Sent: Monday, April 25, 2005 6:12 PM
Subject: education credential question

Question: <<What education credential is necessary in California to teach in a deaf/hard of hearing classroom in grades K-12? Where in California would a person get that credential? (Which college or program.)>>
I asked an "in the know" person who gave me the following information and I figured I'd pass it along for those of you who are interested in this topic. Note: While I believe this information to be accurate, you should always verify details before making life-changing decisions:

<<To teach in D/HH programs [in Califorina], a student must earn a Master's degree (it can be in Deaf Education, but doesn't have to be, although if one does not hold a Master's in Deaf Ed, you would likely be required to take extra coursework in order to receive the credential) and complete additional coursework towards earning the credential (which would be included in the Master's coursework). There are several programs in Calif. that I know of -- SFSU, SJSU, CSU-Fresno, CSUN, and one or both of the San Diego colleges. Specific info on contacting the programs is in the American Annals of the Deaf April reference issue every year, along with a listing of all the colleges in California (and the country/Canada) that offer teacher training (and other types) programs. Once they have completed the coursework, they may apply for a DHH credential, which is split into two levels, the second of which is contingent on work experience and (I think) a little more coursework.
I have heard good things about CSUN and at least one of the San Diego programs, and I think Fresno is all right.
________ (name on file)>>


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