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Baby Signing:

In a message dated 6/1/2006 7:06:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time, tristancaige@_______ writes:
Hello my name is Amber Daniels. 
I have an aunt and uncle that are deaf.  I taught myself sign language well the alphabet when i was 6 form a dictionary to try to talk to her it worked most of the time lol.  Now i have a son who is twenty-one months old and i am teaching him the words not just the alphabet i have been doing it since he was an infant and started to wonder if it was doing any good til a few weeks ago he just started signing cup play ball daddy eat and a few others that i got from ur site and pasted so i could print them and paste then all over my house.  I just wanted to say thank you and wonder if u had any helpful hints on progressing his learning  sincerely yours
Amber Daniels (and Tristan)
It is a numbers game.  Literally, the more often you expose his brain to the signs in context -- the more likely he will pick them up and start using them.
Check your local library for ASL videos (DVDs).  Play those for him on the TV in place of some other children's program (like Teletubbies) and see if he likes it.  Or just have the video playing in the background while doing other activities.  For example, if you are folding clothes, you could have a video of sign language going on the TV instead of a soap opera (or whatever).  If your local library doesn't have videos, then ask the librarian about "interlibrary loan."

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