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American Sign Language: "vitamin" or "vitamins"

To express the concept of a vitamin or vitamins, just spell "VIT"


One day my daughter Kelsey (around age 3 at the time) pointed to the medicine cabinet and did an interesting handshape/movement that looked like:

As it turned out, she was combining all three letters "V-I-T" into one handshape with a fluttering pinkie. The fact that her handshape was a combination of the English letters (VIT) didn't matter a bit to her.  What was important to her was that her sign represented the sweet-tasting chewable children's vitamins in the medicine cabinet.  As a "Coda" (child of Deaf adults),
English was not a middleman for her.  The connection in her mind between her sign and the vitamins was direct. 
-Dr. Bill


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