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American Sign Language: "show up"

The sign for "show up" quickly pops up an index finger between the fingers of the the palm down base hand.  I do it between my middle and ring fingers, but if you miss and do it between your index and middle fingers no big deal.  This sign can be used for "appear" when it means "show up."


SHOW-UP: animated

DISAPPEAR:  This sign is the opposite of "show-up."


One of my students mentioned to me that one of her previous ASL instructors used the sign "show up" to mean "pop" as in "pop quiz."  I tend to sign "surprise quiz" to mean "pop quiz" but I can certainly understand and support the use of "show up" in the phrase "pop quiz" because "show up" if done very quickly can indeed carry a sense of "surprise" or "unexpectedness."  

Also see: APPEAR

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