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American Sign Language: "self-study"

To do the sign for SELF-STUDY you start with an "A" handshape in front of your chest. If you are right handed, the palm-side of the "A"-hand is toward your left.  Bring the thumb-side of the "A"-hand back to your chest. Note: you are not "jabbing" your chest with the tip of your thumb, rather you are bringing the whole length of the thumb into contact with your chest.



Animation: "SELF-STUDY"


The phrase "self-study" is a compound sign. By that I mean you are compounding the signs SELF and STUDY into one concept "SELF-STUDY."

The sign SELF is normally done using a double movement when used to mean "myself" or "my own."  When used as part of the compound sign "SELF-STUDY" the second movement (of the sign SELF) is dropped.  Additionally, the most common version of the sign for STUDY tends to use a fluttering of the fingers.  In the compound sign SELF-STUDY the fluttering movement of the sign STUDY is reduced.

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