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The sign for "please" is made by placing your flat right hand over the center of your chest.  Move your hand in a clockwise motion (from the observer's point of view, use a circular motion towards your left, down, right, and back up) a few times. 


Heather:  What does it mean if you do this with two hands?
DrBill:  It means "enjoy" or a version of "appreciate."  Note, during the sign for enjoy, the right hand is on the chest or an inch or so out from the chest.  The left hand is on the belly or an inch our so out from the belly.  The right hand moves in a clockwise circle (from the viewer's perspective).  The left hand simultaneously moves in a counterclockwise motion.  


Concepts back.gif (1674 bytes) excuse

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<<For "please," is this sign just used in the context of "this pleases me" or is also used as a question, as in, "Please do this"?>>

Great question! 
To sign "this pleases" me, you could use the sign "ENJOY."
To sign "please do this" I generally use "YOU MIND?"

Some signers feel that the concept "PLEASE" should not be used in so called "true ASL" to ask people to "please do something."   Instead, they express the concept by using a "pleading" facial expression.
For example, you could sign, "YOU MIND?" while using a hopeful / pleading facial expression.

My observation is that "PLEASE" is indeed a well established ASL concept and is in widespread use in the Deaf community. (Just yesterday, I noticed a very skilled ASL signer using the sign "PLEASE" in a vlog.)

 I do think that most students need to pay more attention to their facial expressions though.


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