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The sign for "pig" is made by placing your right flat hand under your chin, palm down. 

With your fingers pointing to the left, bend and unbend your hand several times from the knuckles. 

Your wrist should not move. 
The fingers do not "wiggle."  They bend and unbend from the large knuckles.  If you "wiggle the fingers it means "dirty."

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In a message dated 9/28/2003 9:53:41 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:
<<If you can and for my own person curiosity, how under the sun do you sign "guinea pig"?? No one can tell me!>>

Technically I reckon you should spell "g-u-i-n-e-a" and then sign PIG.
If I had a magic wand I'd zap my self to New Guinea and find out the sign for that country from the natives. Then I'd use that sign combined with their sign for pig.
But, just between you and me? I'd sign "test pig" if I were talking about the idea of someone or something being used as a test or prototype.  If I were talking about a real animal, after spelling it out the first time I might use the sign for "swollen cheeks" and then pig.  Swollen cheeks would be signed with "claw" hands on each cheek.  Of course, "no one" beyond that immediate conversation would have any clue what I was talking about.