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American Sign Language:  "pepper"

Shake an "F" handshape twice downward:

I love pepper.  Use a quick, small, double motion to mime the act of putting pepper on your food.
For ASL classes I tend to use the "F" handshape. (You can do this sign with a "P" handshape.  Many people do.) 
Note: If you add black pepper to turmeric it increases the absorption of curcumin by about 1000 times which can help prevent cancer.

Use an "f" handshape and a quick double motion.

PEPPER: (Variation: initialized version)  "P"
Quite a few people do this sign with the letter P. 

(Also see: PEPPERONI)

Note: This sign can also mean "seasonings." To mean "seasoning" I'd use about four shakes instead of just two.  While shaking the seasoning I'd reposition my hand to hold the seasoning jar over different parts of the food.  Sort of like shaking hot pepper seeds all over a pizza!   


To sign GREEN-PEPPER:  Sign "GREEN" then spell P-E-P-P-E-R.
To sign HOT-PEPPER:  Sign HOT then spell P-E-P-P-E-R.

Sure, some people will use the initialized "P"-"sprinkle on" sign as part of the sign for green-pepper or hot-pepper, but other people will make fun of those people and I'd just as soon you not be either of them folks. Eh?

Also see: SALT

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