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The sign for "pants" is made by placing both of your hands in an open position just below your waist.  Bring both hands up to your waist.  As your hands come up, bend your knuckles and curl your fingers up a bit.

PANTS (Version 1)  (Use a double movement.)

Student: Can the same sign be used for pants and slacks?  I've seen two different signs for pants and slacks.

Dr Vicars: In general the same sign is used for both. But I'll show you the other way below.  Check with the Deaf in your area to see what they are using.  If a Deaf friend feels strongly about it, by all means sign it his or her way.

Student: OK, thanks.

Dr Vicars: If I want to say "slacks," I will sign "NICE" - "PANTS." (Some people even sign "church" pants.)

PANTS (Variation 2)
Another way to sign pants is to show the legs of the pants by moving your "b" palms down each leg.

Concepts back.gif (1674 bytes) socks

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