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NOW:  Move the palm-up "Y" hands down a few inches.
Note: If you use a double motion on this version of the sign for now, it can be interpreted as TODAY.

Another version of the sign NOW/CURRENT/presently  is made by placing both of your hands in front of you. 
Each hand should be bent upward. 
Many people prefer to use the "y" handshape. 
Sharply drop both of your hands a short distance. 

"TODAY" (version) / "right now" [NOW+NOW]
The meaning of this sign depends on what the other person asked. For example, if the other person asks you what time is the meeting?  If you respond "NOW+NOW" it would mean "right now" or currently.
If someone asks you what day the party is, you can respond by signing "NOW + NOW."
The double "NOW" is interpreted to mean "today."

TODAY:  full version = NOW+DAY

See: DAY

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