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Also see:  WONDERFUL

In a message dated 10/13/2002 7:50:42 PM Central Daylight Time, a student writes:

Can you please let me know how to produce the symbol for the word top; meaning "on top of the world." Thanks for your assistance.

Mary Whelan

"On top of the world," meaning what?
If I'm feeling "on top of the world" I'd sign, "I feel wonderful." 
"Wonderful" is expressed by using the sign "GREAT."
If that doesn't answer your question, please email me back.


GREAT as in "wonderful." Hold both five handshapes out in front of you at about the height of your head (higher if you are more enthusiastic).  Push both hands forward twice. The sign starts with the hands back and ends with the hands out.

For "great" as in "big" use an initialized form of the sign "big."

Also see: "God is awesome"

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