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GRADE:  (variation 1) As in:  What "grade" are you in?  Bounce a "G" hand up and down, up, and down again on the palm of your hand.
This is an initialized form of "school."
Many people prefer to fingerspell this concept.

GRADE as in "What grade did you get on your paper?"  Or, "I have to turn in grades tomorrow."
If you were talking about the grade on your paper you could also use the sign "number" (which can be used to mean "score.")
This particular sign has many meanings:

GRADE as in "I need to grade papers tomorrow." 
This version also means: CANCEL / CORRECT / CRITICIZE:
Use the tip of your index finger to draw an "X" on the palm of your weak hand.
I start at the top right of the palm and move toward the bottom left.  Then I "draw" a line from the top left of the palm toward the bottom right of the palm.

Animation:  CANCEL

GRADE as in "I need to check my student's papers before tomorrow."
If you are talking about grading papers, in addition to the "cancel/criticize" sign, you could use the "check / investigate / research" sign.

CHECK:  The idea behind this sign is to draw a "check" mark on your hand
The actual movement is very quick and relatively straight. The tip of the right index finger quickly moves down and forward, glancing off the upturned left palm.


American Sign Language University ASL resources by Dr. William Vicars
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