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American Sign Language: "frustrated"

To do the sign for "frustrated" smack the back of your hand into your face.  Do it twice.

Tip:  Don't hurt yourself.  (Yes, you're welcome for that outstanding bit of advice. No, that's alright -- no need to send money.)

FRUSTRATED / frustrating / frustration:

Memory aid: Think of constantly "running into a brick wall."  That would be frustrating, yes?

Note: On second thought, go ahead
and send money.


Sample sentence: YOU FEEL FRUSTRATED WHEN? (When do you feel frustrated?)


The sign FRUSTRATED can actually serve as a conjunction. Meaning?  You could sign, I DRIVE-to STORE, FRUSTRATED, CLOSED. I DRIVE BANK, FRUSTRATED, CLOSED, I DRIVE HOME. 
The sign "FRUSTRATED" in those situations would mean "and it was" as well as expressing the feeling of frustration.
When you use "FRUSTRATED" as a conjunction you only use a single movement. (You smack your face just once--not twice--for the conjunction version). I know it is hard for some of your to only smack yourself once, and you may indeed deserve the extra smacking-- but try to control yourself for the sake of good signing when doing conjunctions. Thanks, I appreciate it.

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