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Version 1 

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Make the sign for "dollars" by extending your left hand, palm to the right. 

Grab your left fingers between the palm and fingers of your right hand. 

Pull your right hand away from your left hand.. 

On the sign for dollars, the right hand "slips off the left hand." The left hand stays in place.  This is different from the sign "lead."  (Meaning "guide")  In the sign for "lead" the right hand pulls the left hand forward.

Also, you might see the right hand grabbing the top edge of the left hand as in version 2.
For more information on this sign, check out: dollar


Make the sign for "cents" by touching your forehead with the index finger of your right hand, palm back (which also happens to be a version of the sign for THINK). Pull the hand away from your head (forward and a little bit down).
To sign nickel sign "CENTS FIVE"
To sign dime sign "CENTS TEN"
To sign "a quarter" sign "CENTS TWENTY-FIVE"


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