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American Sign Language: "days of the week"

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 For more information, see:  TUESDAY


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Jake from Reno, Nevada writes:

Hey Dr. Bill,
I was wondering about signing days of the week. I noticed most people sign the days with the letter turned towards themselves. As opposed to a few people who I have seen sign with the letter facing the person they are talking to. The latter makes more sense to me, as it is easier to see...but I don't think it's technically correct.
I was curious if you had any insight on this.
Thanks for your help.
- Jake Coombs, The Academy Martial Arts


Both versions of the days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are correct but the "palm back/up" version is more casual and easier to do. The palm forward version shows up more in paper-based dictionaries and is thus what you would call a "citation" form. Native Deaf adults tend to do the "palm back" version unless they are striving to be "very" clear and/or are emphasizing.
- Dr. Bill

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