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ASL Classifiers: Lesson 14



CL: C>5 "cup spill"

CL: 3 "car weaving on the road"

CL: 5 "leaf drifting to the ground"

CL: X>1"projectile soaring through air"

CL: 55 "wind blowing in one direction"

CL: S "deliver vertical item to"

CL: CLAW>S "catch a small item"

CL: cocked-X>1 "single droplet"

CL: bent-V "person sitting facing me"

CL: O>5: "spill or spread"

CL: C "cup hand to or move to"

CL: S>5-(wiggle) "waterfall"

CL: V/B "jump off edge"

CL: 4/1 "water running out of a faucet"

CL: CLAW-(wiggle) "smoke rising"

CL: S>loose-5 "water spewed out of mouth"

CL: bent-V "people sitting in a semi-circle"

CL: O>5 "water balloon splatting onto side of head"






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