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ASL Fingerspelling Resources: Fingerseeks

"Fingerseeks" are Dr. Bill's version of  fingerspelling "word search" worksheets.  Feel free to make copies for use with your students. You can access them online or on most PCs you may download them by right clicking and choosing "Save target as..."



► Fingerseek 1 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 2 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 3 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 4 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 5 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 6 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 7 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 8 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 9 (.pdf format)

► Fingerseek 10 (.pdf format)

Feel free to make paper printouts of these word-searches for your students.
Here are a few more for you: 11 | 12 | 13 |

Apparently these fingerseeks are somewhat addicting.
If you crave more word-search madness I've got just the fix for which you are looking: Over a hundred "fingerseeks" are on the "Superdisk" (my resource DVD).  - Dr. Bill
See: Superdisk


Bonus!  Kelly Stack, Ph.D. of the World Languages Dept. at Monterey Peninsula College emailed me a few more fingerspelling word searches. (Thank you Dr. Kelly!)It is my pleasure to pass them along.
Here they are:  14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Question:  How can I get permission to use this information in the in-person classes that I teach?

Answer:  Go ahead. 
For more information, see my permission page: ►►►

2.  Question:  Are these Fingerseeks copyrighted?

Answer: Yes, but feel free to make copies and hand out in your classes or email to your students. I only ask that you don't post the files to your own website as that would impact my traffic eh? Instead, link from your website to this page.  The name "fingerseek," the format, word order, and layout are copyrighted by William Vicars /  The "Gallaudet" typefont is by David Rakowski.  The term "Fingerseek" is trademarked by William Vicars. 

3. Question: How can I make my own fingerseeks?

Answer: Download the "Gallaudet" typefont (see the link from the front page of and then either build a table using "Word" or some other word processing program or use one of the ".doc" versions of the fingerseeks on the Superdisk and build your own.


- Dr. Bill

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